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Stories We Forget to Tell…

I’m from blotted ink and worn piano keys

Open sky country and timbered Idahoan logs

I’m from Montana mountains and Michigan basements

Open windows and unlocked doors

I’m from broken families and broken hearts

Water baptism and children who speak in tongues

I’m from Charlie’s perseverance and Nancy’s lies

Self-destructiveness and reckless hope

I’m from a father and daughter sharing coffee under the stars

Fish guts, black dregs, and complete contentment

I’m from musty cardboard boxes collecting dust and memories

Shakespearean sonnets and Sherlock Holmes

I’m from mud pies, velvet green corn fields, and chocolate lab puppies

IMDB credits, abracadabra, and the value of nothing

I’m from Bob the engineer and Val the artist

A bright red truck smelling of sawdust and glazed clay forms

I’m from courageous and cowardice

The burn of tobacco on my tongue and bourbon in my lungs

I’m from bright vintage dresses and heavy Jinco jeans

Grass stains from football and indestructible lacquered nails

I’m from empty cupboards and a full offering plate

A wanderer, An instigator, and a Dreamer

I’m from a limitless horizon at 10,000 feet

A flower shooting up through the crack in the pavementIMG_7913 IMG_7987 IMG_8542

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